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Using LET.BY is your (user) sole responsibility. Any damages or liabilities are not our responsibility. Our terms and conditions are including Disclaimer, Whatsapp Link, QR Color Guide, , Share QR and Short URL, URL length, Optional Title, Generate Whatsapp Chat, Report Abuse.

LET.BY is a free QR code and short URL generator. We are not responsible for any damages which occur when using this tool. All users are responsible to all privacy concerns. Please use this tool wisely without breaching any laws.

We are only storing data for URL provided in the form and IP addresses. All data including but not limited to phone numbers should be the user data without breaching third party laws, rights, information and/or data. Legal issues regarding all data provided is the user reponsibility.

Our responsibility is only deleting data (without time limitation) without prior notice. The deletion of data including but not limited to from the report of abuses that sent to enterinmo(at)
LET.BY is using free open A.P.I. of WHATSAPP Chat. We are only encoding text to WHATSAPP supported URL format. You should provide your own phone number and without breaching any laws (see Disclaimer).

Please insert full phone numbers with country code (numbers only). When you share, third party (who you share with) will be redirected to your whatsapp chat (your phone number). Please be wise, sharing phone number is your sole responsibility.

For message field, the text you provide will be generated as auto text in Whatsapp chat of the third party device. When third party send the message, it will be sent to your whatsapp number.

REMEMBER! when the link is shared to others, there will be no possibility to stop. Unless, you block every sender number or Report Abuse to us.
Click the button below if you are agree and understand.

To become a readable QR code, please remember that your QR color should be highly contrasted with the background. Please see this example:

You can test the adjustment of your color in the QR color picker. You should scan the colored QR code with your phone camera (QR code scanner). If your camera detected the QR with a text "Yes! let's go!" than your QR code will be fine.

This guide is only explaining about readable QR code with customized color. The length of encoded URL also takes part in our QR code generator. Please see the requirements of the URL length.
Inserting your brand logo or preferred picture is important if you need to share to your business colleagues. We provide you this kind of possibility by inserting your Logo/Picture into your QR Code (click customize first, under the Original URL form-field).

HOWEVER, we suggest you that your image should be readable, square image, 24bit PNG/JPEG image and no greater than 600x600 pixels.

If you does not meet the requirements the system might be still processing your image or for the worst scenario, it will assume that your QR code has no logo like when you are emptying the logo form-field. Also, the bigger your images size, the longer time of QR code creation will be done.

We are prohibiting user to upload images to our server. As the solution, you should insert your pre-uploaded image URL. If you do not have uploaded image, we simply recommend you to upload your image to free image hosting like tinypic.

Just click the Upload link and follow these instructions:
1. Open tinypic. Choose file and then push UPLOAD NOW button.
2. (if available) Wait the Captcha process then insert it.
4. Copy the image link in "Direct Link for Layouts".
5. Paste the link in LOGO form-field.
It is highly recommended to put your QR code to your digital or printed advertising media e.g. flyer, booklet, digital signage or videotron. Also, you can share your short URL to your chat contacts or in the business card.

You can simply share your QR Code image (PNG format) or re-write the link to share your URL. HOWEVER, it has high possibility you share the wrong data or might be will return error or not found.
We have a solution for you, your task is only saving or bookmarking the shortened URL, for instance

REMEMBER, our generated URLs are case-sensitive. Uppercased URL has different redirection with Lowercased URL. is different with We suggest you to save the link in your note and just copy and paste the link without any typo error.

To share short URL copy your short URL e.g. and share it to people.

ADD .qr or .ur (case-sensitive) behind your short URL.

Share short URL add .qr:
Share original URL add .ur:
We can shorten long URL to short URL ( without any limitation of original URL length. For example:

Original URL:
Shortened become :

HOWEVER, you should consider your original-URL length. We recommend you to share no more than 320 characters. Even though we use High EC LEVEL, we are afraid that your generated QR Code will be difficult to read (scan). The lenght of your URL is affecting the density of your QR Code. It will be very dense with small squares and dots if you put very long URL.

For instance we have this URL: click to show

Then the QR Code will be very dense like this result:

So, it is not recommended to share that kind of QR Code. It is hardly difficult to be read if it is attached into small media like flyer or booklet.

We suggest you to share the shortened URL QR Code instead of the original one. This picture is the shortened URL from the same original URL:

The last QR code is the best option for you if you want to share to every digital or printed media. You should also learn about how to share QR Code and Short URL.
Inserting optional title is important if you want to show your URL title when you share to people. We convert default META-TITLE from to your optional title. This is the example when you share the generated link of WHATSAPP chat.

EMPTY optional title:

WITH optional title:

So, feel free to choose which one is suitable for you!
This is not generating WHATSAPP chat from you to others. In fact, this is generating predefined chat message FROM OTHERS to YOUR NUMBER. So, others will send you a message exactly like what you wrote in this form. You should see this document before using this part. When short URL is generated, just simply share your shortened URL to others, then they will be redirected to your chat.

For instance, if your short URL is Just copy it (case-sensitive) then share to everyone.

If you agree and understand, CLICK THE IMAGE below to start:

You can report to us if someone is breaching any laws, by sending email to enterinmo(at) (please replace (at) with @ in your email form) and use this format:

MESSAGE: you should mention your name and the short URL which is reportedly abusing our tool ( e.g. mentioning

We will response as soon as possible. Please see our Disclaimer.